Key sentences

The objective is to establish a mixed profile institution in Hungary (which up to now has been lacking) which through its permanent exhibition presents the full spectrum of the history of Hungarian music in a fun way and where temporary exhibitions and musical and music-related programmes are organized with solid music pedagogical and music andragogical activities. It is important to note, however, that the House of Hungarian Music is not a memorial house, not an applied art collection and not a concert hall, but rather an educational centre providing all-round experience with a strong museum and music pedagogical focus. The HHM should meet the strictest music professional requirements and at the same time should offer attractive programmes for people who love music or those who only seldom experience music. In addition it should also serve as a venue for family programmes.


Mission statement

The House of Hungarian Music is the latest musical centre in Budapest as well as an interactive experience centre presenting the world of sounds. It is focused on the experiential and interactive exhibition of the whole span of Hungarian music history with uniquely complex functions among the museums of Hungary; it is not only an exhibition centre, but also an institution offering wide-ranging experiences and performing educational functions. The traditions of Hungarian musical history, folk music and music pedagogy, the complexity of contemporary musical culture and the need to make it known support the establishment of the house.

The House of Hungarian Music serves the widest possible audience interested in music with its permanent exhibition and with temporary exhibitions linked to the most varied segments of the world of music as well as with its continuous provision of ad hoc programmes. The educational and information provision functions impressively and representatively present the historical past and present of Hungary, its outstanding personalities and their oeuvre. It is a kind of sound exhibition that presents its visitors with the experience of creating sound compositions: using special installations and technical solutions it allows visitors to feel the very beginnings of music, the physiology of sensing sounds and naturally, last but not least, it can also be used as a concert or dance hall.

The House of Hungarian Music is a unique work of art: its external and internal visual appearance – reflecting the function of the institution – metaphorically should be music turned into a building in the sense of the 21st century. It provides a tranquil venue for various activities connected to sound and music with special regard to educational functions and concert programmes. It is a dominant new programme venue of the City Park that takes into account the surrounding park and its users while facilitating the presentation of works of other arts linked to music.