Key sentences

The Museum of Ethnography is the museum of people and their communities. The Museum is one of the earliest ethnographic institutions of Europe operating since 1872 and it is a social museum proud of its collection of outstanding value, and is also open to the future and to renewal; its building will be designed in this spirit. The Museum of Ethnography is a place where all members of society return with pleasure – because it mirrors themselves and their roots.


Mission statement

As one of the earliest ethnographic museums in Europe the Museum of Ethnography has been collecting, archiving, protecting, researching and transmitting the traditional and modern cultural memories of Hungarian and European communities, as well as those beyond Europe  since 1872. This is a collection of objects, photos, texts, sounds and ideas that constitutes a rich and wide-ranging resource for the discovery of the world.

The Museum of Ethnography as a social museum is the reflective site of research and display of the past and present object culture and social phenomena. It is the leading Hungarian institution of ethnographic science, of European ethnology and cultural anthropology, and the scientific workshop of the Museum.

Owing to its collection and knowledge base the Museum is a starting point for other sciences and arts in understanding, accepting and respecting cultural memory, cultural diversity and changing identities. The harmony of knowledge, adventure and experience allows the formulation of common and individual interpretations and approaches.