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Competitions: visions of the institutions
The New National Gallery & Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art

The First Stage of the Liget Budapest International Design Competition has been officially closed. The more than 470 entries received no later than the submission deadline have been evaluated by the international jury.

Based on the decision of the jury, 6 entries have been invited to the second stage in the House of Hungarian Music competition and the Museum of Ethnography competition and 5 entries in the FotoMuzeum Budapest and Hungarian Museum of Architecture. The authors of these entries have been notified in line with the competition schedule.

In the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum competition the jury has not found any entry suitable for implementation based on the asessment criteria, and offically closed that competition after the First Stage. However the jury awarded 5 entries in the First Stage with honorable mentions (in Hungarian these kind of prize awards that are not 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes are called 'purchases'), based on their valuable architectural solutions. In the meantime the jury recommended for the Promoters the launch of a new competition.

The Promoters will launch a new competition for the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum in the Fall of 2014.