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The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and the Városliget Zrt. 100 % owned by the Hungarian State hereby announce an open, international, two-stage design competition for the design of museum buildings within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project on the territory of the City Park Budapest.

By the construction of the new buildings, the complete renewal of the green area of the City Park, and the renovation of the institutions already present Liget Budapest will be one of Budapest’s leading, well-known tourist and cultural destinations and a unique family park recognised as such all over Europe. 

This document is the competition programme of four parallel, but independent design competitions with similar conditions and the aim of producing a total of five building concepts. Each may submit only one entry to any of the four, simultaneously announced, two-stage international design competitions. It is however possible to take part in several competitions at the same time, but separate, individual competition entries with different identification code must be submitted to each competition. The detailed rules and information of the competition is outlined in section 5.

The four competitions are listed below.

1. New shared building of the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art

2. New building of the Museum of Ethnography

3. New building complex of the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the FotoMuzeum, consisting of two separate buildings

4. New building of the House of Hungarian Music

The four competitions will take place based on a common, identical system of rules and with the participation of the same jury, and according to the same evaluation system.

The total prize money of the competition is 870,000 EUR.

This competition programme was compiled in accordance with the Hungarian legal regulations in force and the guidelines of the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA).



The aim of the design competition is to find designers whose entries

- functionally satisfy the expectations of the 21st century in regard to museums, and will provide flexible spaces for the institutions and the right conditions to facilitate their visitor-friendly operation in the coming decades

- provide a lasting aesthetical experience for visitors at the highest level of contemporary architecture and contribute to the enrichment of the architectural heritage of Budapest;

- treat the historical environment of the City Park with respect;

- are composed of buildings conveying specific and strong architectural ideas, create a clearly recognizable and identifiable building complex that is able to improve the international fame of Budapest and Hungarian culture; 

- provide open, transparent, inviting community spaces for the residents of Budapest and also for visitors from other parts of Hungary and abroad;

- propose design concepts that meet the highest requirements of sustainability in an innovative way creating exemplary buildings;

- are cost effective with smart solutions;

- ensure low running costs for the institutions operating in them.


Who are we looking for?

The competition is open and international and has two stages. It is expected that the Entrant’s team include a person who officially has the right to practice as an architect in the country where he/she was born and/or where he/she works. The Promoter emphasises that after the closing of the competition the ‘negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice’ (public procurement process) will be conducted in the Hungarian language.